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November 2014 Horoscopes


For the very first part of November 2014, the prediction isn't very positive considering the sentimental life of Aries. Venus, the planet of love & the ruler of this zodiac, house of the relationships, will move in a hostile part and even more than that, in the dark propinquity of Saturn.

It’s possible that some sorts of barriers may occur, and you’d face fears and frustrations. They may be a situation which will drive you to contemplate on your partner’s psychological mechanisms. They might take place misunderstandings regarding money, or the person supporting you might have fiscal problems.

Fortunately, the second phase of the month will be much more rewarding to Arians. Venus will make a superb trip with Jupiter, houses in Aries’ house of eroticism, a trio which should bring Aries opportunity, fulfillment and happiness.

You may also expect a trip with romantic reason or an affair with someone miles away.

Career and MoneyNovember 2014 will be quite ambitious month; however it can be somewhat hard-hitting. Mars, Aries’ ruler, will be in its house of career, next to Pluto, a location that exemplifies very strong motivation that can make you push your limits to reach your aim.

The Mars-Pluto combination in the house of career can be utterly productive; however it can be destructive at some extent. You can attain great success but, to avoid uncertainties, be disciplined, flexible and diplomat.

In November 2014, the financial area of Aries will be active and chances are you could make a lot of money, but for that you will have to be careful especially in the first phase of the month. The second phase of the month will bring good luck, financial opportunity, and trip chances and studies and collaborations with distant people.

Fitness and Morale Arians will enjoy good physical resistance all through this month, but will not leverage at least, not in first two phases of the month.

November 2014 will influence stress, worries and melancholic moments or pessimism.

Encircle yourself with cheerful friends, take part in creativity and relax. Don’t be radical and have an open-minded outlook.