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Dosha and Remedies

Doshas and remedies are the part and parcel of vedic astrology and has been practiced since the inception of vedic astrology. Vedic astrology doshas occur when in horoscope or kundali the position of the planets are not favorable. A planetary period is known as the Dasha in Vedic Astrology. Dosha is a Sanskrit word that means flaw, danger or unfavorable. According to vedic astrology if the malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars etc are present in certain houses that can ruin the positive affects of the horoscope.

Many of us suffer from one or other kind of doshas in our horoscope that is read by the expert astrologer after examining the horoscope carefully. Say for an example if your horoscope is saying that you have rajayogas in your kundali but things are happening in a right way then there exists a vedic astrology dosha that needs remedy. Dosha and RemediesThe vedic astrology remedies can be simple like chanting Mantras, wearing ring or donating something or it may be complex including Yagya, pujas, fasts etc. All these remedies depends upon the type of dosha you are having.

How the Dosha and Remedies are checked? To check the dosha and remedies in your horoscope, the astrologer will require your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth along with name. Based on that chart will be prepared that will define the positioning of the planets in the houses. This is then studied in detail and if there is any bad planet in the wrong position will be checked.