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Nine Planets Astrology

According to Indian Astrology, the destiny and traits of an individual are associated with the position of the planets on the date and place of birth. These nine zodiac planets or Hindu nine planets or Navagraha put out energy waves to influence the lives on Earth. They sharply affect the life, its ups and downs and behavior of the person. The Indian astrology considers the movement of two luminaries, Sun and Moon, five major planets (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury) and the two nodal points of the Moon i.e Rahu and Ketu. It however does not recognize Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus.

The birth of nine planets astrology in Indian astrology happened be before the invention of telescope. During this time two types of stars were visible to the naked one. One category was the fixed stars and the other was wandering stars. Fixed stars were motionless and wandering stars used to change their position in respect to tthe fixed stars. These nine planets in vedic astrology affect the horoscope and the life of an individual.

These zodiac nine planets are also called Nava Grahas in which nava means nine and grahas means to seize or to take hold of. The word grahas has been derived from the Sanskrit word grih. So these nine zodiac planets in astrology hold our lives and influence it. These nine sign planets in astrology are nothing but the forces and will of the God.

Seven out of nine planets are the days of the week not only in Hindu calender but also in European calender. Like Sun is the governing planet of Sunday, Moon of Monday, Mars of Tuesday Mercury of Wednesday, Jupiter planet rules the Thursday, Venus planet governs Friday and Saturn the Saturday. The rest of the two planets Rahu and Ketu are not planets but the moon's nodal point and are difficult among all these nine sign planets astrology. Manifestation of the nine zodiac planets on each other is calculated by the angles they make with each other when seen from the Earth.

Sun or Surya Sun: Zodiac Planets AstrologySun is considered as the ruler of all other horoscope planets and also called Bhutasya Jatah which means the creator of all bhutas. Bhutas are the objects that give rise to other objects. Zodiac sign Leo is ruled by the planet Sun which is the most compatible with Jupiter as it is the one of the nine planets in astrology that is the teacher of the Sun. Sun is the solar deity and son of Kasyapa and Aditi with arms and hairs of gold.

Moon or Chandra Mars: Zodiac Planet Astrology The Lunar deity is called Chandra or Moon or Soma who was born from the mind of cosmic man so people with moon as their zodiac planet are considered very intelligent. Also people with this planet are soft hearted, wise and ruled by the energy that creates and preserves. Further a person can born in ascending moon cycle and descending moon cycle. Ascending moon cycle is considered fortunate where as descending moon cycle has many ill-effects. If your ruling planet is Moon then your zodiac sign is cancer. People having Moon as their vedic planet are compatible with zodiacs of Jupiter, Sun and Mars. Pearl gem and silver metal are the parts of planet Moon.

Mars or Mangala Mars Mars or Mangala (Son of Mars) is also called Angaraka (One in red color) or Bhauma (Bhumi's son) and commandeer of all the planets. Mars is the god of war. Zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio come under the planet Mars in which Aries are aggressive and Scorpios are very secretive in nature. People who are ruled by this planet are natural leader, very aggressive, brave and self-confident with great technical and mechanical capabilities. Coral is the gem stone of Mars. The mount of Mars is Ram and painted in red color.

Mercury or Budha Mercury: Horoscope PlanetsCommunication is represented by Mercury that is one of the nine planets in astrology and people with this planet are very intelligent, self-confident and witty. Zodiac Gemini and Virgo are represented by this zodiac planet. Mercury is the son of Moon and Rohini (Moon's wife). Mercury is the neutral planet so this planets changes with the placement in house and signs. Writers, teaches, artists, businessmen having the planet mercury succeed in life. People have dual personalities, so can be independent and detached at the same time. Emerald is the gem stone of Mercury planet and rules number nine.

Jupiter or Brihaspati Jupiter: Sign Planet AstrologyJupiter is the Purohita of the Gods who is identified with Vishnu, Brahma, Ganapati and Angiras. Jupiter is the teacher and all the movements of the planets are controlled by Jupiter. Also the ruler of Sun and the Moon, the planet Jupiter is considered to be born with seven faces and seven rays in the sky. Luck and fortune are associated with Jupiter. Number three in Vedic astrology is ruled by Jupiter and this planet is associated with wisdom, wealth, religion, philosophy, name, fame and success. Yellow sapphire is the gem stone of Jupiter and ruler of Sagittarius.

Venus or Shukra Venus: Astrology PlanetsVenus or Shukra is the son of Bhrigu (great visionary). Shukra got his astrological mind from his son who was the great astrologer. Venus and Jupiter are enemy so the Venus is the teacher of antigods. Diamond is the gem stone of the planet Venus with six astrological number. People who have Venus as their ruling planet are very soft, gentle with strong taste for food, opposite sex in early life and also like jewelry and white dresses. The zodiac Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus.

Saturn Saturn or Shanior Shani Saturn or Shani or Shanaishchara is considered as the slow mover who is the son of Rudra (Solar Deity) and Wife Chaya (Shadow). He is the most evil of the nine zodiac planets of astrology. In which so ever house it is present (except for seventh) it destroys the house it is in. But if the placement of Saturn is perfect then it brings the nature of sincerity, long life, leadership quality, knowledge of right or wrong and also the organizational abilities. Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by the zodiac planet Saturn that has blue sapphire as its gem stone with eight as astrological number.

Rahu Rahu: Ascending Lunar NodeRahu, the dragon's head, was not the part of nine planets in astrology from the beginning but it was named in the list of zodiac planet during Mahabharata, when the Devtas (Gods) and asuras (Antigods) were churning the Ocean milk for the elixir of immortality. Rahu is the son of Danava Vipracitti and his wife Simhika. Rahu is also called the north node or ascending node of the moon and the Planet of Sucess. Solar eclipse are formed because of Rahu. During this time Sun, Moon and Rahu fall in common zodiacal longitude. Hessonite is the gem stone of rahu and astrological number is four. It is the ruling planet of thieves, magicians, snakes, thorny bushes, isolated places etc. There is no zodiac that is ruled by rahu as rahu is not the real planet.

Ketu Ketu: Descending Lunar NodeKetu, like Rahu is another imaginative planet and considered as the tail of the dragon. Lunar eclipse happens because of ketu. Rahu and Ketu are parts of same demon but 180 degree apart. Doctors, pharmaceutical industries, and astrologers are ruled by ketu and have spiritual influence on birth chart.