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Baby names by nakshtra

In Hindu mythology choosing abbay name by nakshatra is of utmost importance, though parents are given the responsibility in many households to decide a name for their baby. As per Hindu mythology choosing baby names by nakshatra is said to be the most auspicious way. Here the term “Nakshatra” stands for “Skymap” (Naks= sky and Shetra= region).

In another interpretation it has been taken using a different analysis. According to it “Naksha” means “map” and “Tara” means “star”, which accumulated make “StarMap”. Both ways represent a clear meaning that depicts the significance of 27 Nakshatra and constellations.

Since long time back Moon was playing a key role to decide names though being a complicated method people have tried out this method. Parents now move to known astrologers to decide the names of their baby according to nakshatra as each baby’s birth is governed by a particular nakshatra.