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Top Ten IT Predictions for 2011

14 December 2010- IT is industry is one of the most promising industries that feels even the minutest of the ups and downs of the economy. The year 2009-10 was the period of economic slow down for the IT but you must be wondering what is stored in future for this magnanimous industry. Check out the IT Predictions for 2011 to know the trends in the industry.

IT Predictions for 2011
    Top Ten IT Predictions for 2011
    Top Ten IT Predictions for 2011
  1. There will be huge spending growth in IT. The IT spending across the world will be $1.6 trillion. Also the hardware growth of 7.8% will be seen.
  2. The emerging market will grow more profusely and these will contribute 27% to the total IT spending across the world.
  3. 2011 will be great year for the private IT industries. The growth of the public cloud services adoption will be five times more than the growth of the IT industry.
  4. In 2011 there will be great integration of data centers across the IT industry in the world. There will be 12% of server and storage spending in 2011
  5. Mobile devices will pose a threat to PC and there will be huge expansion in mobile market. Apple and Google will dominate the market in mobile app war. Smartphone market gonna be huge in 2011.
  6. Networking will increase in 2011 and will reach to 2 billion.
  7. Social media will expand in a huge way in 2011 in IT industry. Jive will have its own IPO. Oracle, SAP, Microsoft will have the social software vendors.
  8. Huge data, its management and analytics or in other words 'digital universe' will grow profusely in 2011. the growth will be 1.8ZB in 2011.
  9. Retail, energy, financial services and health will go mobile.
  10. Big screens with inbuilt networking will replace the old TVs at home in 2011. the market for mobile advertising will double in 2011 with Google being the master of this industry.

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