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Love Marriage Prediction in Astrology

11 February 2011- Author: Geeta Jha

A love marriage is a union of two individuals based upon mutual love,

understanding, affection, and commitment. True love between a man and a woman leads to marriage. Astrologically it is possible to predict whether the native will have love marriage or arranged one.

Factors governing love marriage:
  • 5th house/lord:inclination towards sensual or lascivious pleasure
  • 7th house/lord:marriage, spouse, love, harmony.
  • Venus:significator of wife, sexual pleasure, erotic in nature
  • Moon:governs emotions
  • Jupiter:significator of husband
  • Saturn:touch/feeling
  • Rahu:unconventional in manner, craving for sensual pleasure

Combinations for love marriage:
  • When moon, Venus and Saturn get connected, the broad indication is that the native is prone to love marriage.
  • Lords of 5th and 7th houses exchange signs.
  • Lords of 5th and 7th hoses placed together.
  • Lord of 5th is posited in 7th house or lord of 7th is placed in 5th house, possibility of having love marriage is indicated.
  • Lords of 5th and 7th house combined in 5th /7th house or aspect each other.
  • Lord of ascendant aspect/associate/exchange sign with 7th house, indicates love marriage.
  • Jupiter is in malefic influence in a female horoscope.
  • Venus is in a malefic influence in a male horoscope.
  • Rahu posited in ascendant and 7th house is not influenced by Jupiter in any way, indicates love marriage.
  • Lords of 7th and 11th lords exchange signs, and Mars is posited in 5th house.
  • Lords of ascendant, 5th, and 7th houses are malefic in nature, and related to 8th house, possibility of having love marriage increases.
  • Venus combined with Jupiter/Mercury in a quadrant/trine.
  • Venus is placed 5th/9th from ascendant/Moon, indicates love marriage.
  • Moon combined with the lord of ascendant in the ascendant.
  • Moon combined with the lord of 7th house in the 7th house.
  • Second house from ascendant/Moon/Sun is heavily afflicted, love marriage may be predicted.
  • Rahu and Mars combined in 7th house.
  • Lord of 7th house combined with Mars and Rahu in Taurus/Libra sign.
  • Sagittarius/Piscean is the sign of 9th house, and Saturn/Rahu aspects 7th, 9th house and Jupiter, indicates love marriage.


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About the Author Geeta Jha is a spiritual healer, an astrologer and a dedicated disciple of reiki-pranic and huna mystics. She has been helping people with spiritual healing and astrology for over ten years.