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Know Your Future with 2011
Horoscope and 2011 Astrology

21 December 2010- Horoscope has always been an element of curiosity because everybody has the long lasting desire to know the hidden future. As the new year is approaching hence search for 2011 horoscope has increased to manifolds. 2011 horoscope can predict your life for the coming year. It can tell you about your job, career prospects, education, love life, married life and many more.

You must be worried what is stored for your in 2011? how the year 2011 gonna be? So just check out the 2011 astrology to explore the untouched arena of your life.

Aries 2011 Horoscope Year full of work and you will be rewarded of your efforts in 2011. Aries creativity and mental abilities will expand after 8th May 2011. Luck will be on your side but it will shine more after 2nd May. After this period you life will be full of great positive surprises.

Horoscope 2011
Horoscope 2011

The period between May 2011 and 15th November, will be the most productive period.

Beginning of year is good for love and married life whereas after 15th November 2011 there will be some misunderstanding in your relationships.

Aries 2011 horoscope can be divided into three periods i.e. 1st January to early May 2011, May to 15th November 2011 and 15th November to 31st December.

In the first phase you will work extremely hard but will not reap benefits of this hard work. Even connecting with people will be hard for you during this time. Luck wont favour you much during this period so try not to change job at this time. But take the challenges and do not run away from the situation.

Period between May to 15th November 2011 will be the most productive. All the efforts done in past and present will be rewarded to the maximum. After 12th June new projects will be given to you.

In the third period of the year 2011 the growth will be there but less in comparison to the 2nd period. Overall the year 2011 is a year of prosperity and growth for Aries.

Taurus 2011 Horoscope You will do work in 2011 and whose benefits you will reap in 2012 and 2013. So make this year as a planning year. More hard-work is required for the period before 15th November from Taurus. Expenses after 8th May 2011 are expected in Taurus horoscope. Also control your emotions and anger till 2nd May 201 as more reliable period will begin after this date.

Period from 1st January to early May 2011 will the most productive of all. Do not be stubborn in taking decisions as it can hamper your growth. Do not make changes in plan after 25th January 2011

Period between May & 15th November gonna be very busy time. Taking decisions wisely during this period will help you in long run. Take any new project after 12th June. Marriage, relationships and travelling is also expected.

Your career will touch new heights during 16th November 2011 and 31st December 2011. Work hard to get the rewards.

Gemini 2011 Horoscope This is gonna be the most rewarding year in your life as all your aspirations and dreams will be fulfilled in this year. There will be career, financial as well as status growth in 2011 for Gemini. More gains will occur after 8th May 2011 and career will grow more loudly after 2nd May 2011 Love and relationship are on card this year.

The first phase till early May 2011 will the least rewarding phase of the year but will be full of activities. You get work full of responsibilities. Travelling and some distractions at home after 25th January 2011. Avoid controversies, stress and anxiety to stay healthy.

Between May & 15th November you will get sudden happiness and the pressure will be released. Gains from the efforts that you have made during the first half of the year can be reaped. Your career will grow and this is the period of dynamism. Both your career as well as domestic life would come to an ease after 12th June 2011.

Period between 16th November 2011 and 31st December 2011 will be the best period of your life. Everything will come with an ease during this time. You will be full of new ideas and with this you will see sudden career and personal growth.

Cancer 2011 Horoscope 2011 will be under your control and luck will be in your favour. Cancer can also experience an overseas travel this year. But take care of your health and blood related problems this year. Avoid new expenses and purchases during this period.

1st January to early May 2011 will be the very productive phase of the year. Commence any major project before 25th January. New relationships and love life will be very good. Avoid high expenses.

May & 15th November will be more comfortable period of your life. You career as well as your responsibilities will expand. More practical decisions are required in this phase. After 31st August pressure and work activities would rise.

Period from 16th November 2011 and 31st December 2011 will be the most difficult period as some your domestic life will be bit challenging now. Stability in thoughts will come after 25th December 2011.

Leo 2011 Horoscope For Leos it will be an average year and needs more rational thinking. Negative and self defeating feelings can harm you and your career so do not let these overshadow your true self.

Do not take important decisions till May 2011 like changing your career and all. Luck will be on your side after 8th May 2011. Religion and spirituality will be on higher side.

The first phase till early May 2011 will be the most challenging phase of life and you may be bit unsecured during this phase. You might be forced to take some irrational decisions in life but try not to take decisions in haste now. Even there will be challenge from financial as well as family matters.

2011 horoscope period between May & 15th November for Leo will be the turning period and different from the above phase. Your thinking will change and luck will be on your side. You now start a new project and spend accordingly. Support from the family will be less.

Period between 16th November 2011 and 31st December 2011 will be the best as per 2011 astrology. New growth opportunities and more reward is waiting for you during this phase.

Virgo 2011 Horoscope Overall a good year for Virgo. You will face challenges but will cross all these as a winner. Partnership and joint ventures will help you and more opportunities will come to you till 7th May 2011.

During 1st January to early May 2011 mentally you will remain in the last year. If you are unmarried then you might get married during this part of the year. Children and health may give some worries.

More pressure till 12th June 2011 during May & 15th November. More hurdles and mental pressure during this phase. You can put on weight as your craving for food will increase. In spite of pressure you will work with clarity and emerge out as a winner.

Personal matter will improve between 16th November 2011 and 31st December 2011. Focus more on hard-work now.

Libra 2011 Horoscope Very vibrant, dynamic and positive year ahead for Libra. More work, more opportunities and more expenses too. Possibilities of marriage and romance as per 2011 astrology for Libra. More expenses and travelling. Faulty judgement may cause come problems. New chances of growth after 15th November 2011.

1st January to early May 2011 will be the period of mixed as well as vibrant phase in life. Both personal problems as well as growth opportunities will be on rise. So avoid expenses and bad decisions.

Period between May & 15th November will be the positive phase of 2011. Financial pressure will decrease and new growth avenues will knock your door. At the same time your personal relationships will also run a smooth ride during this period. Health may give some problems so keep a check on this.

Period between 16th November 2011 and 31st December 2011, is very good in Libra 2011 horoscope. Very rewarding, fruitful and lucky time for you.

Scorpio 2011 Horoscope An exciting year for Scorpios. Be flexible and grab the opportunities as your fixed temperament may cause some problems for you. Put more efforts this year and get the benefits in the coming year. You may be blessed with a child. Career will be more dynamic after 8th May 2011.

1st January to early May 2011 will be the most favorable period. Creative activities will be on higher side.

You will grow more between May & 15th November. New arenas will open up that requires high energy and vigour for completion.

Sagittarius 2011 Horoscope This will be a better year as most of your issues will be resolved in this year. The year will continue to become more rewarding as it will progress for Sagittarius. You mind will be more clear and full of creative ideas but you really need to control your expenses. Growth in career is seen after November 2011.

Capricorn 2011 Horoscope Despite of some hurdles the year 2011 will be a very promising year. There are chances of purchasing the real estate this year in case of Capricorn. The year will begin with low activities that will rise with the passing months. Ego will influence your thinking greatly. Finances will be more and family needs your time.

Aquarius 2011 Horoscope More pressure, more opportunities and sudden changes in career are expected in 2011 horoscope for Aquarius. But do not take any decision in haste, take time, think and then take any decision. Financially this is gonna be too good period with few health problems after 17th January 2011. Very favorable period till 16th May 2011. You will also get support from your family and friend in most of your personal and financial matters.

Pisces 2011 Horoscope Year of hurdle but growth for Pisces. Period after May 2011 is the period of growth and luck. Social life will grow and you will reunite with your old buddies. Creative and spiritual thinking will be part of your life in 2011.

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