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Predictions for 2011

27 December 2010- 2011 prediction says that 2011 will begin with some sort of change whether positive or negative. Prognosticators keep predicting the future and there are bounty full of these predictions close to new year. Talks about economy, recession, World War, peace, rule and nature predominates such predictions for 2011. Here we are presenting the collection of few 2011 predictions from Internet.

2011 Predictions By spring there will be an indefinite number of cell phones in the market. iPhone and Android will rock the world.
The economy of Japan will decline sharply.
Science and space research will be more rapid and before 2016 life on other planet will be found. The life will have plants and water. Mars will play major role in this discovery.
American economy will slow down.
Weather patterns will be more severe with abnormal winters and summers. Flooding will the major problem across the world as per 2011 predictions.
There will be some major volcanic eruptions in Japan, Hawaii, South America and Indonesia.

Craig's 2011 Predictions

The Chinese New Year 2011
Prediction 2011
There will be two huge industrial incidents one in India and other in China. India will face a nuclear disaster and in China there will be a chemical factory explosion in 2011.
Leading politician will die in plan crash.
California will face major earthquake.
Due to volcanic eruption, Tropical Island will be evacuated.
FA Cup will be won by Liverpool.

More Predictions for 2011 The economies of the developing nations will grow more rapidly and they will gain but economy of US and Europe will remain slow.
Traditional media companies will see a major collapse due to electronic media.
Increase in poverty from 2011-2014.
There will be no regional war or strike in Arab and Middle East.

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