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Effects of mole

Moles on one’s body are the black spots formed due to pigmentation. They can occur in any part of the body. While some are dark in colour some are light. The fifth category that is quite rare and impact against all sorts of malefic yoga in horoscope are white tiny moles that take formation before the birth.

Most of the moles are said to be formed within the 4 years of a person’s birth out of which some are temporary and some are formed when an individual used to get good impacts of their parents stars.

If you believe some astrologers then the moles appeared on palm/hand or below the feet area are inherited which are formed in the age between 18 and 24 when a person gets freed from the Nakshtrafal.

As per some astrologers moles are appeared on the body parts due to the transit of Rahu and Ketu, however the transit of Rahu and Ketu in birth chart denotes the appearance of spots on the body, moles are different from them.

In the term of palmistry moles are said to be the turning point of reading which impact an individual more than any other spot. Here are some effects of moles explained in detail.

A mole on the breasts of a lady indicates that she must be fortunate, however if it is on the chest of a male then it shows a weak heart fearing many things even those that aren’t present in his life.

A lady having a red mark or a mole on the right breast receives blessings from the creator and becomes mother of many sons and daughters. Also, she gets a lot of enjoyments and comfort in her life. While, the males, a mole on right chest makes them coward and their fertility remains in doubt.

A red color mole on the left breast of a lady indicates that she may get many children out of which maximum are girls.

A red color mole or mark on the forehead of a male or female signifies the chances of becoming king or queen.

If any male has a dark mark on his head just above the forehead, chances are that he may become a king, but if the mole is on the left side of the head it lets the man become the cause of a big fall or the reason of a national disaster. Also, the empire gets vanished due to this, however if the mark is appeared in the right side then it helps him to make a big union and becomes a legend in his life.

The person who has red color mark on his right cheek gets a luxurious life. Same is asserted for a lady having a mole on her left cheek. According to the famous sages Parashar and Varah Mihir, the effects of mole are more on men than women.

The lady who has a red mark on her nose indicates that she may become the consort of a king or would attain a dignify position. However, if the mark is black or dark it shows attaining adulteress in life.

The marks below the navel are propitious for both men and women.

The mole appeared on the ears, cheeks or neck of a man shows his first issue of male and will relish happiness and get pleasures in life.

Men having mole in the front part of the leg or hand from where it is easily visible are said to have several setbacks in life.