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Myths & Misconceptions in Astrology

Myths and misconceptions in astrology are not hard to find as there are many astrologers who are using this sacred ancient Indian knowledge just to make money. They are creating fear in the minds of people by propagating the wrong theories that are self made. Misconceptions in astrology threaten the strong foundation of ancient knowledge and cause many people not to believe this. SO you must understand the myths in astrology so that you can be blessed by the true power.

Kala Sarpa Dosha You must have heard about Kala Sarpa Dosha and its remedies but in ancient astrology, kala sarpa dosha has not been mentioned. According to modern astrologers kala sarpa dosha is because of the the position of all the planets on one side of rahu and ketu. This can lead to mis fortune and lack of progress in life. Further there are around 12 types of kala sarpa doshas that can affect you. The most malefic is when all the planets are in between Rahu and Ketu. Learned astrologer do not believe in this kala sarpa dosha and considers it a pure myth and misconception in astrology.

Manglik or Kuja Dosha The position of planet Mars in 1,2,4,7,8,12 houses lead to the Manglik or Kuja dosha . But some astrologers omit 1st house and some omit 2nd house in this. It is there in half of the houses thus half of the population will have manglik dosha but half of the population is not suffering from fallacious marriage. Everyone believes that marriage with the person having manglik dosha will ruin the life. According to them this can lead to mis fortune, financial crisis and even death.

But this is not the case everywhere. It is level of manglik dosha and also the position of other planets that lead to any specific ill-effect. One must get his or her horoscope checked for the same and ask for the remedies. Astrologer must check the houses and also the check mangal dosha from the point of Moon, Saturn and Venus. Also if the Mars is in its own house then there is not Manglik dosha. The effect of kuja dosha is cancelled if Mars in 7th and 8th is there with benefic planet in 9th house.

Saturn as an Ill Planet Saturn or Shani has always been treated as an ill planet but this is not the case. The career of the famous actor Amitab Bacchan was at its peak when he was going through the maha dasha of Saturn. As per Hindu mythology, Saturn is the son of the Sun God and a very good planet. If the position of the saturn is perfect in your chart then you can get what you cannot think of. Modern astrologers creates all sorts of fear in the mind and ask people to perform different rituals just to make money.