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Palmistry also known as chiromancy is a method of predicting the future through the thorough study of the palm. This practice of palm reading is found all over the world with innumerable cultural distinctions. Those who read palms are often called palm readers, palmists, hand analysts, hand readers or chirologists.

In astrology palm reading or palmistry holds a greater significance due to the effects the lines and signs on the palm bring in a person’s life. Though actual predictions under palmistry are doubtful, still people resort to known astrologers and palm readers to find the effects of their palm lines will bring or are bringing in their life.

Reading the palm lines Reading the palm isn't an easy task. It calls for proper and in-depth knowledge of palmistry. The palmist must be equipped with appropriate tools and must have proper knowledge which may connect him/her with the exact palm reading task.

There are three key lines in palmistry- the heart line, life line and head line. Get informed with these three key lines in this detailed explanation below.

Heart line: One can locate the heart line by locating the top line in one’s palm which extends to the middle or index finger up to the pinky finger. Get an idea of the location from where the heart line starts. If it’s beneath the index finger, then it denotes that the person is happy with his/her love life. If it is below the middle finger, it denotes one’s selfish outlook in love. But, if it falls between the two fingers, the person tends to give his/her heart away to easy.

The length of the heart line is also important to observe. A shorter line shows that the person is more concerned of the sexual relationship than being in romance.

The straightness of the line shows one’s ability of controlling the emotion. The curvier the line is the more emotional the person would be.

Head line: This line lies in the middle of the palm below the heart line going across the palm. The length of the line shows the mental attitude of the person where a short line shows the person is more physical than mental. The curviness of the line signifies the way of thinking of a person. A straight line means the person is a deep thinker while a curvy head-line means the person isn’t in thinking or has no deep contemplation.

The broken spots appeared in the head line shows one’s uncertainty. That simply means one’s inconsistency in decision-making and thinking.

Life line: This line is found below the heart line and the head line and starts at the edge of the palm extending down to the palm.

The length of the life line indicates one’s possibility of life span. The depth of it shows one’s health. If the depth is deeper it means the person has a healthy life. A fainter or light line shows illness & disease. In palmistry, one must be capable of counting the lines across life line. If one possesses many lines, it means he/she has wholehearted outlook towards life. Also, it goes on denoting the vitality surrounding one.

A break in one’s life line shows sudden changes which bring drastic turning points in one’s life.