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Kartik Dosha

Kartik month starts in Mid October at sankranti and ends approx in Mid November at next sankranti. During this solar month the Sun transits the Libra sign. Sun is considered to be debilitated in Libra sign. Debilitated Sun is not good. Because Sun is the karaka of health, vision, father, seniors, govt. related works and name fame. That is why when a native is born in month of Kartik he/she is known to have Kartik Dosha.

If there is any Kartik Janma Dosha in your horoscope. To ward off its evil effects you need to follow the remedies based on Five Point Remedy System.

Five Point Remedy System
It is believed that the past Karma cannot be changed, but the present Karma can be controlled through certain remedies. The astrological remedies help in overcoming the complicated situations. These remedies do not bring about success directly but they help overcome the obstacles and difficult situations.

A Five Point Remedy System of the Vedic astrological remedies help to modify your karma and help you achieve your desires. These include:

  1. TheFasting And Donations
  2. The Mantras
  3. The Yantras
  4. The Yagyas
  5. The Gemstones

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