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Origin of Zodiac Signs

It is claimed by some astrologers that the origin of zodiac signs is associated with Babylonians who were the first one to discover the zodiac of 360 degrees. The time period was around 700 BCE or even earlier than this. It is also said that the knowledge of zodiacs was given to India by Babylonians and after that from Greece. But if we look at Rig Veda, which is the oldest Vedic text and in the hymns of the great Rishi Dirghatamas,you will find the chakra or wheel having 360 spokes that are placed in the sky. The full description of this chakra shows the Zodiacs Vedic origin in Rig Veda that is before the period of Babylonians.

Further going into the details of origin of zodiac signs that have vedic root look at the life of Rishi Dirghatamas, who was the chief priest of King Bharata (Aitareya Brahmana VIII.23). Dirghatamas belonged to the oldest families of rishis that are Angirasa Rishis. According to him Vishnu is the God of Zodiac. Vishnu is also identified with pole or polar star which is motionless. In vedic astrology also all the celestial motions are calculated in respect to pole star.

The hymns that are written by Dirghatamas clearly explain the zodiac of 360degrees. The zodiacs are divided and based on mathematical division. This hymn also states that zodiac of 360 degrees has been divided in different ways that include the number 6, 12, 5 and 7. This shows the vedic origin of zodiacs. This division is according to the qualities, elements and planetary rulership.

Dirghatamas has written the famous Asya Vamasya Hymn I.164 that contains information on vedic origin of zodiac or origin of zodiac signs. In this hymns the verse refers to the origin or zodiacs signs and vedic origin of zodiac. It states that the world is divided into Fire on Earth, Wind or Lighting in atmosphere and the Sun in heaven. Sun is also considered as a supreme light and has seven children, the Sun, Moon and Five planets. Now if we check the zodiacs in astrology then these are basically divided into three major sections Aries or Fire, Leo or Sun and Sagittarius or Lighting or wind.

As per vedic thoughts the zodiac is nothing but the wheel of the Sun and the circle is created by the rays of the Sun. The hymns is Rig Veda clearly states that there is an outer circle of zodiac and an inner circle of zodiacs along with chakra system. Also as per vedic origin of zodiac, the zodiac is a single wheeled chariot that has seven planets who are born out of Sun.

All the things are places on the wheel of time. The vedic horse symbolizes energy. The seven planets keeps revolving to form seven wheels or seven rotations with individual energy and horse. Each planet has some hidden name and knowledge which in astrology is called influence of planets.This also explains the origin of zodiac signs.

Origin of zodiac sign in vedic period is also symbolizes from the fact that in Rig Veda it has been mentioned that wheel of heaven has 720 divisions. Now if we see the circle of zodiac than it has twelve signs that contains 720 half degree making 360 full circles. In Rig Veda it has also been said that the Sun (Father) has five feet or five planets or five elements which in astrology is defined as the five sense organs in human body. The twelve forms of Sun in Rig Veda are equivalent to twelve signs of zodiac.

David Pingree who is the famous Western scholars of the history of astronomy confirmed the origin of zodiac signs is in the hymns of Rig Veda. In one of his article "Astronomy in India" in Astronomy Before the Telescope he has explained that the “Ideal Calender” during Babylonian is also there in Rig Veda which is older than the Babylonians.

So it can be clearly explained the Zodiacs origin in Rig Veda that emphasizes the Vedic Origin of Zodiac.