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Sun Sign Astrology

Also known as Surya and Aditya, sun is the ruler of all the planets. Sun is believed to be the source of vitality and the physical make up. All the other planets orbit around it and are dependent on the Sun's energy for the existence of most life forms living upon them. It is responsible for the success, intellect, wisdom, fortune, will poor, fame, and wealth. Sun is the ruler of zodiac sign Leo and number 1,according to numerology.

The Sun's position in one's horoscope indicates a variety of traits in an individual, both physical and psychological. The position of Sun in a horoscope gives considerable understanding about the person's physical appearance. It represents the basic behavioral traits of a person as well, but again, there are other factors that must also be taken into consideration. The Sun gives us power through the vitamins contained in its rays; so the level of a person's physical power, or energy, is also determined by the Sun.

The sun represents kings, government officials, people in government service and leaders. It represents wealthy or famous people, as well as those living in or connected with a church, temple, or religious institution. It also represents creative people like artists, actors, jewelers, gemologists, merchant traders in gold, doctors and nurses.

A well placed Sun in the chart, can give great abilities and makes a person cheerful, fortunate, and wise. A strong Sun can give rise to fame in his/her area, field, or even the whole world. If ill-placed in the horoscope, it is an indication of physical as well as possible mental or emotional problems, pessimistic attitude, humiliation at the hands of others and impoverished conditions of life.

Health In the physical body, Sun rules the heart, head, lungs, liver, nervous system and skeletal structure. It indicates the right eye in a male and the left in a female.