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Peace & Harmony Astrology

According to Indian or Vedic astrology, our lives are guided by various planets and all the nine planets must be propitiated to bring fortune and prosperity in the household. Astrology for peace and harmony involves forecasting about the factors leading to distrust, sorrow and distress in the surrounding environment. It also puts forwards the root causes for the lack of happiness and peace and suggests the remedies for the same.

Astrology helps gain favorable influence from the planets. "Graha Shanti" as it is called, helps reduce the negative effects of our past karma as expressed through the agency of our "cosmic counterparts" in the form of the seven planets plus Rahu and Ketu.

Generally a "Navagraha Shanti" Puja and/or Homa is a performance that appeals to all nine of these heavenly bodies, with special emphasis on the one or two planets that may need special attention.

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