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Effectiveness of Indian Astrology Remedies

The effectiveness of Indian astrology remedies are always subject to challenges and questions. "How effective are the Indian astrology remedies?" is the question that bothers everyone. Even who has the knowledge of astrology will keep on asking that if something is bound to happen in life then how can that be changed or averted with astrological remedies. How can ones planetary positions at the time of birth can be changed to reduce the bad effect and to increase the positivity in life. But if there is a problem then it ought to have a solution. If we cannot change the planetary positions then we can definitely do something so that effect of that position can be reduced on us by making changes in the energy that we omit.

There are many astrologers who lack the specific knowledge and do the astrology just to make money. If you take your problem to them then the effectiveness of Indian astrology remedies will just depend upon chance. So the knowledge of the astrologer, how he or she looks into the problem, experience and what remedial measures the astrologer will suggests, will certainly define the effectiveness of Indian astrology remedies.

What are Indian Astrology Remedies? The astrological remedies are the solutions that are given by the experts to solve the complicated situation more specifically called doshas. In these are included Tantra, Mantra (sound waves) and Yantra (geometrical and mathematical shapes). Some problems can also be solved by wearing gem stones (electromagnetic radiations), rudrakshas or by keeping fasts. To reduce the malefic effect of bad planet all these things or combination of these are done, pujas are performed and donations are made.

Who Decides Our Birth? The birth and life that has been given to us is based on our karmas in previous life. The destiny can put us into the life that we deserve. Destiny does this by deciding our birth time that has certain pre-specific moments and planetary positions. All the positions of the planets can be pre-determined based on natural laws of permutation and combination. These planets keep on exerting positive and negative effects on us. The negative effects are due to wrong positioning of the planets that need remedies. So if we follow Indian astrology remedies to change the effect then surely we have the chances of getting positive results and can come out of situation.

Reason why Effectiveness of Indian Astrology Remedies differ So it is clear that our planetary combinations are the result of our past karmas so these should be considered while giving remedial actions. Now the major reason behind difference in the effectiveness of Indian astrology remedies is the way the problem is tackled by the experts. Some astrologers just look into the problem without determining its past and present connection because they do not have knowledge. If we look at the doctor, he or she needs to go through the complete training before starting the profession.

Same like this astrologer must undertake the training as Indian astrology is a complete science in itself and cannot be read in a day or so. You need to have years of experience and in depth knowledge of the concept, the problems and remedies. Then only you can challenge the question How Effective are the Indian Astrology Remedies?

Also in certain cases astrologers need to determine the good and bad effects of the planets and how the bad effect can be reduced without loosing the strength of good planets, which is not done by many. Many astrologer take money by saying that they will perform the puja and make donations for you which is never done. So if you are a believer of Indian astrology then believe it fully and do all the said remedies with 100% to get the positive results.