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2010 Job Market Trends

2010 job market trends will be far better than 2009 because the economic recession bubble is now melting down generating various jobs in diverse sectors. So which career in 2010 you will opt for if you are a fresher and what will the best jobs in the industry in 2010 or trends in 2010 careers are the questions that everyone want to know and explore.

There are many new fields that will be coming and enter into the category of best jobs in industry in 2010 apart from normal routine jobs leading to the change in 2010 job market trends. Accountant jobs, green jobs, data base administrator jobs and many more will enter along with health care jobs and IT jobs in the 2010 careers souk. If you believe in astrology then even the vedic astrology can also predict the best jobs for you in 2010 depending upon your zodiac sign. You can checkastrology for career/jobs and also astrology for students to do the perfect job in your life.

Best Jobs in Industry in 2010
Data Base Administrator (DBA) 2010 job market trends will see more DBA jobs than ever. According to the 2009 CNN Report on jobs, DBA jobs are the best and among the top ten most happening and upcoming 2010 careers.There will be seen 29% growth in the DBA jobs in the coming 2010 job market. From the executive level to managerial level, these jobs will rule the career market across the world. So if you are an Oracle certified professional then be ready for the bright professional life.

Accountant All the organizations are growing in terms of employees, turn over and profit. Because of the globalization, expansion is must and thus every organization today needs an accountant to handle the details. The salary part in accounting jobs is also great because of the high demand of accountants. So 2010 job market trends will surely have huge space for certified accountants who can work with the private and government organizations. Number of accountants in 2000 was 976,000 and it is predicted that in 2010 careers market will see 19% rise in this field generating 181,000 new jobs.

Computer and Information Systems Managers The information technology line is a never fading field and can always be a nice option if you have taste towards it. Computer software engineers will be in much demand in the rising 2010 job market and is one of the best jobs in industry in 2010. You can go for the additional education and certifications that are related to your present job profile to move higher. Computer and Information Systems Managers in 2000 was 313,000 and expected to increase to 150,000 that is a 48% hike. The growth in this sector is expected to be much faster than the normal growth.

Human Resource Personnel Another 2010 careers that will see growth, is the field of human resource personnel. When there will be growth in the hiring, the companies will need more HR personnels to hire the brains and exact candidate for their companies. So automatically there will be a huge demand for human resource personnels in the coming year. There were 709,000 employees in year 2000 and expected to see hike of 16% leading to addition of 116,000 jobs in human resource personnels category.

Teachers and Educators This career is always in need of intelligent people who can teach others. 2010 job market will see more of these jobs especially teachers for schools. Teacher assistants and postsecondary teachers will see more jobs in 2010 than any other teaching jobs.

Freelance WritersFreelancing is becoming more and more common in the category of work from home jobs. There are now many companies that are having websites and need very professional content writers and search engine optimizers for their websites. As the number of companies are growing so does the need for freelance writers in the 2010 job market. These are no longer the writers who just sit and write on one topic. The field and area have become so diverse that it needs the innovative mind. Although there is no need of degree to become a writer but hold on the language and degree in language is an added advantage.

Registered Nurses Year 2010 job market trend is also going to see many nursing jobs because of the shortage of nurses and higher demand for the personnels in this career.Nursing jobs will be among the best jobs in industry in 2010 and will see a rising trends. In USA there will be much higher demand for registered nurses. From 2,194,000 number of registered nurses jobs there will rise of 26% generating 561000 more jobs in the field of registered nurses.

Speech-language Pathologists and Audiologists Employment for Speech-language pathologists and audiologists in 2000 job market was 101,000 and till 2010 it is expected to see 40% growth in the employment which is faster than the average growth in the careers. Specialists to teach students who need special education and their jobs in schools will be much higher.

Pharmacy technicians Another best job in industry in 2010 will be of Pharmacy technicians because of the higher need of medical for aging population. You need formal training and education to get this job.

Medical Assistants If you are into the field of Medical Assistant then you will have better job prospects in the coming 2010 year. Overall from 2000 to 2010 there has been seen a growth of 57% in the number of employment. There were 329,000 medical assistants in 2000 which will see addition of 187,000 in them. Medicine is becoming one of the fastest growing field and will lead to too many jobs in 2010.

So overall 2010 job market trends are promising leading to the best jobs in industry so your career in 2010 can touch the zenith.