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Manglik Dosha Astrology

What is Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha and Manglik Dosha Cancellations?

By: Rk Oberoi

Manglik dosha or Kuja dosha is because of the position of planet mars in 1, 4, 7, 8, 12th house. Some of the astrologers say that if mars is present in 2nd house then also a person will have the manglik dosha. If mars is present in any of these houses then the primary function of these houses is going to be affected. Look at the houses and their purpose

  1. 1st house is of ascendant (Aries)
  2. 4th house of nurture and past (Scorpio)
  3. 7th house of marriage (Pisces and Capricon)
  4. 8th house of longevity (Cancer)
  5. 12th house of expenditure (Sagittarius)

Marriage problems are the result of manglik dosha. There are three types of kundli viz Lagna Kundli, Chandra Kundli and Navamansa chart. The manglik or kuja dosha can occur in any type of the kundli. Different people will have different effect of manglik dosha and the overall impact also depends upon the number and type of kundli it is in.  Although the magnitude of the effect will be less but it will be there.

Effect of Manglik dosha in marriage

  • Late marriage and problems in marriage
  • Divorce
  • Death of the spouse
  • Mismatch in thinking

Apart from marriage it will also effect your life where you will start your career very late. Also there will be child birth problem and irregular patterns of education.

There is the most common misconception about manglik dosha in vedic astrology prediction is that one partner will die if the other has the kuja dosha but it does not happen in every case. In this condition there are many other factors that lead to the death and must be checked. Then there is no thing called double manglik dosha which is told by many astrologers. Here they take the position of mars in its own house. But under such circumstances instead of increasing the impact it will cause reduction in the manglik dosha.

Manglik Dosha Cancellations
  • Mars in its own house and sign (Aries and Scorpio) will lead to the manglik dosha cancellation.
  • Aquarius ascendant if has mars in 4th house then there will be manglik dosha cancellation.
  • Manglik dosha cancellations happens when in case of Sagittarius and Pisces it is there in 8th house.
  • Mars in 7th house in case of Cancer and Capricorn will cause the Manglik dosha cancellations.
  • Reciting Gayatri Mantra for 108 times in a day, keeping fast on Tuesday, chanting the Hanuman Chalisa daily, donating red clothes to the workers will surely reduce the manglik dosha effects.

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