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2012 Predictions: Real or Fake

End of World Predictions What is the reality behind 2012 predictions is bothering everyone. Are these 2012 predictions real or fake, will the world would come to an end, will there be natural calamities that will destroy everything or some supernatural thing will occur that will lead to a new Earth and enlightened human beings. Some people believe that something or other will happen and few others consider all these as a rumor and not bothered at all. But are all these just 2012 prophecy fake or real? Way to go!!! I think we will have to touch December 2012 to know what is real and what is fake. But here we can discuss about the different theories that go in the favor of 2012 end of world predictions. But all these are just theories and predictions nothing concrete can be said about anything.

Mayan prophet , Pacan Votan long ago said that world would come to an end on 21st December 2012 and now it is considered as one of the most famous End of World Predictions. Many TV channels are regularly explaining this, setting up discussions and all to prove the point IS 2012 prediction real?.

Mayan, an ancient Maya civilization of South America, Mexico were very accurate in astronomy and about thousand of years ago they have also calculated the lunar moon's length as 329.53020 days that is just 34 seconds away from the actual length. It is the 21st December, 2012 that Mayan calender is coming to an end. The Mayan calender also called Mesoamerican Long Count Calender which after the period of 5125 years is suddenly coming to an end on 21st December 2012 that is considered as the end of world and an important part of famous 2012 predictions for world. Mayan calender has been divided into seven numbers which are the ages of a man. After the end of the world in 2012 few people will survive who will understand the spiritual destiny. This will be the fifth age. In the sixth age, people will realize the God within themselves and in the seventh age everyone will become telepathic or extrasensory.
Even according to Hindu vedic astrology , the the kali yuga will end in December 2012 and Satya Yuga will start after this. Dattatreya Siva Baba, who is modern day's astrologer said something regarding 2012 world predictions in Chennai. According to him.

The world is changing for the good now, he says. Joining the increasing numbers who are making predictions about 2012 A.D. he says from the December of that year, the world will move into a golden age, marking the beginning of Satya Yuga.

This is not a smooth process though. There will be natural calamities, financial problems, wars and global warming. This is also the time when Mayans end their calendar.

‘But our old ways of thinking, including our biology will change as the Sun, Earth and Pleides line up in space. This will cause an increase in discharge of photons from the sun which is bound to cause changes in ourb rain pattern,’ he says. (expressbuzz)

Are 2012 Predictions: Real or Fake Apart from Mayan calender there are many other things that are pointing towards the 2012 world predictions and end of the world in 2012. This includes Sun Storms, the Bible, super volcan etc.

Sun Storms Predictions for 2012 According to the experts who study the Sun say that Sun is showing certain disorders that can lead to destruction. Sun's stability at present is in its middle age. But instead of this stability too much heat from the Sun is coming to the Earth that is destroying satellites and power grids. It is also called Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that had also effected the telegraphy system in North America during 1859. Power blackouts and destruction of satellites happened during that period. Solar experts are predicting that Sun's strife will continue and will reach at peak during December 2012, which is considered as the end of world according to 2012 predictions.

As Per Holy Books Bible, the holy book of Christian is also showing warning signals for the world. It says that 2012 is the time when the battle between Good and Evil will come to an end. Same has been said by Hindu holy books and Chinese Book of Changes of Chinese Astrology. According to them the 2012 predictions for the world are real. Horary Astrology and Western Astrology also say and do the 2012 predictions.

Super Volcano will End the World in 2012 The most dreadful volcano that can ever happen on the Earth can come in Yellowstone National Park that is located in United States. It erupts after the period of 650,000 or so. It has been many years that the volcano under the Yellowstone National Park has not erupted and scientists believe that the time is coming when this volcano will erupt and leading to atmosphere full of ash and frozen winters that will last for about 15,000 years. The most expected year for this destruction is 2012.

Positions of North and South Poles We are not affected by Sun's harmful radiations because of Earth's gravitational pull. But after 750,000 or so the earth's north and south poles swap their positions. At present these north and south poles of the earth are drifting away from each other at the speed of 20-30 kms in each year. During the swapping of poles the magnetic field will disappear for about 100 years leading to UV rays to enter the world. This will destroy everything. Again it is said that 2012 is the year for this which is also the year as per the End of World Predictions. But swapping of poles cannot happen in a moment.

Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) 2012 Predictions:Real or FakeGamma Ray Burst (GRB) are the rays that will come from the destructing stars close to the Earth and can lead to end of the world as even from the small distance of one kiloparsec and just within 10 seconds these GRB can lead to the termination of half of Earth's ozone layer. Once the ozone layer is destructed the UV rays from the Sun can easily come and destroy everything leading to the correctness of end of world predictions for 2012. After so much of scientific and fictional things it is still believed that there will be spiritual enlightenment that will lead to the ending of evil on the earth. It is also said that nothing will happen except for the one thing that during December 2012 all the planets of our solar system will come in a straight line. Some of the scientists at NASA and some geologists believe that this alignment will lead to the changes in Earth's polarity but nothing will happen as the planets are very far from each other to affect each other. So the 2012 predictions for some are real and for some these are fake. All we can do is wait and let the time come to show what is stored for us. But whatsoever will happen, happen for the good. So stop worrying a lead a life with charm and enthusiasm without worrying about 2012 predictions or end of world predictions.