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Mars Astrology

Personified as the God of war, Mars makes people under its influence short tempered, police man, soldiers, generals, and commanders. It influences energy, drive, administrative and leadership abilities, and independent spirit.

If Sun is the king of the solar system, Mars is the commander. Mars indicates martial powers, martial arts and the military; rules over explosives and fire arms. A native borne in Aries is openly aggressive, while the one born in Scorpio tends to be secretive in nature. Both Sun and Mars produce heat but the one of the Sun is actually life preserving, but the excessive, explosive heat generated by Mars may actually endanger life.

Mars is the strong for those working in police department, miners, defense services, explosive experts, people dealing in copper and gold, surgeons, fire arms manufacturing facilities, etc.

Mars rules over the bone marrow and generation of red blood corpuscles, human blood, and the disease resistant power of human body.