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Horoscopes are the astrological maps that are made from your date, time and place of birth. Horoscope is also called birth chart or natal chart. In horoscope the position of moon, sun and planets at the time of your birth is checked. Horoscope is in the form of a table that has twelve houses and nine planets. The position of planets in the twelve houses defines your destiny, life and its experiences. Although for every horoscope place, time and date of birth is needed but the format of the same vary from country to country. As every individual has the horoscope so as the country and this comes under the power of mundane astrology. With the help of this horoscope, the time related to growth and destruction of the country can be predicted.

The word horoscope has Greek origin and has been derived from the word "horoskopos" that means "a look at the hours." In a detailed horoscope along with the position of Sun, Moon and planets the lunar nodes, houses of cusps, fixed stars and many more things are also checked. So it is a complete science.

The houses are formed by dividing the plane of ecliptic that is further formed by the orbits of the Sun and the Earth. The most popular one for horoscope is the 'equal house system' in which the ecliptic is divided into twelve houses placed 30 degree to each other. The first house is placed in the ascendant position and numbering in the anticlockwise style begins from that point. First six houses are below the horizon and the rest are above it. In these twelve houses the planets keeps on changing the position but fixed at the time of the birth. So no two individuals can have the same horoscope. Even the identical twins have different planetary position in their individual horoscope as planets change their position in every 4 minutes.

Apart from life horoscope that needs complete and detailed reading you can also get the monthly horoscope, weekly horoscope and daily horoscope.

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