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Karma Astrology

Karma Astrology is that aspect of vedic astrology that is related to your previous life and it effects the present life. Karma is a “Hindu” terms that means deeds or what we do and it is the spiritual aspect of astrology. In Karma astrology karma also means motion and that too of soul. According to the American College Dictionary, karma is "the cosmic operation of retributive justice, according to which one's status in life is determined by his deeds in a previous incarnation.

Karma astrology and vedic astrology are interrelated. In vedic astrology the position of planets is studied and our present life is taken but in case of karma astrology our past life deeds and how they are affecting our present life are studied. The inter-relation between the two comes in deciding the time of birth. We are born at specific time when the planets have specific position in sky and will affect us through out our live. Now our planetary combinations can give us rajyabhog (rich born with silver spoon) or make us poor. Therefore it is the reason why some people are born rich, some are poor, some are happy and some are not. The time of our birth is based on our previous karmas which is the basic of karma astrology. So karmic astrology generally gives the answer to the question “why?”. According to karma astrology you have a part of cosmic evolution so just changing your physical being. So your past life karma will decide your present life's condition.

With Karma astrology you will be able to identify what your soul is saying to you to achieve the success. Your life after this will be more harmonious and meaningful. Further according to karmic astrology our present life deed will affect our next birth. So if you are going to do something bad in present life you will have to reap the consequences in your next life.

Karma astrology is divided into three sections. Namely
  • Fate
  • Destiny
  • Free Will

Karma astrology is studied by checking the natal astrological chart in detail. In this your past life is taken into consideration. Natal astrological chart is prepared from your present time of birth. Here the position of Sun, moon and planets are taken into consideration. Also in Karma astrology the nodes of the moon are considered that help the karma astrologers to understand your past life. These nodes shows the track of your soul whereas all the houses and planets show how you are going to live. The two nodes of the moon in karmic astrology denotes the future and past. So one node is pulling towards the future and other one is coming from the past. Future is represented b North node and past by the South node.

Karmic astronomy says that planetary aspect of the moon can either be harmonious or hard. If the moon aspects are harmonious that occur in trine 120°, sextile 60°, or semi-sextile 30° then your past life experiences allow you to settle down in your present life very well. But on the other hand if the moon is in hard that happens in condition of opposition 180°, square 90°, semi-square 45°, and quincunx 150° then according to karma astrology there is lots of negative energy and one really takes time to adjust in present life.

So karma and astrology are interrelated to know you in a better way. You can take the help of karma astronomy if your are facing problem in your present life.

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