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Libra Astrology

LibraSep 21st – Oct 23rd

Libra is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac, all the others representing either humans or animals. Known as 'Tula' in Hindi, Libra is ruled by the planet Venus.

Zodiac Symbol: The Scales
RulingPlanet: Venus
Ruling House: Seven
Zodiac Element: Air
Zodiac Quality: Cardinal
Lucky Color: Blue, Green, Violet, Purple, Mauve
Lucky Number: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60
Lucky Stone(s): Sapphire and Turquoise
Lucky Talisman: Copper

Libra AstrologyLibra astrology makes it clear that people born under this sign are more diplomatic than any other sign. Librans always seek balance and harmony. People with Libra sun sign like pleasing others. They can spend hours debating each side of an argument and this is one reason that they are often seen as lawyers. The positive sides of the Libra include their balanced, just and charming nature. Libra astrology sign people are very caring.

Love Astrology

Libra people can easily see both sides of the situation so regarded as one having indecisive nature. They love to have lifelong relationship and need full attention. Libra sun sign people are never lazy and they also make their partner to work hard. Normally they are at peace and do not express anger but when they do it is like a big storm. Libra have a very keen understanding and great intuitive power. They are very fair minded people who can do anything for peace as they need it at any cost.

Librans are sociable, cheerful and charming people. Zodiac sign Libra people are very sensitive to the needs of the others. They are highly understanding towards the emotional needs of their companions and they meet them with their own innate optimism. Uncertainty is a problem for Librans, who find it difficult to make up their minds and strongly dislike taking sides. Although Libra sun sign hate others being rude, they can themselves be be brash and blunt.

Libra Sun Sign Symbol

The lucky day for Libra is Friday. Libra astrology says that zodiac sign Libra love to spend time in studies especially science where they can weigh things to balance. So they can be excellent doctors. Libra are very successful people who have a large friend and social circle. They love to throw parties and appreciate good manners. Moreover understanding the feelings of others is also the quality of Libra astrology sign people.

Health of Libra Sun Sun People Libra AstrologyInternally Libra rules the kidney and skin, the excretory organs. Externally Libra rules the lumbar region, adrenals, buttocks and vasomotor system whereas structurally it dominates the lumbar vertebrae. Libras are very hardworking persons who can work day and night but when they loss inertia, they need nature to balance that. Libra sun sign people have excellent health. Zodiac sign Libra astrology says that these people love sugary and rich food that sometimes can lead to some disorders. So Libras must be careful on this part. The afflictions is most likely to lead to Bright's disease, lumbago, and disturbed urine.

They can also suffer from skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. So they should drink plenty of water to remove any toxin from their body.

Zodiac Sign Libra CareerLibra sun sign people have one great mission i.e. Peace. Librans are successful as writers, composers, fashion designers, interior decorators, critics, administrators, lawyers, doctors and in civil services. Because of their balanced nature and ability to see both the sides of the situation they can be a better diplomat, judge, mediator or counselor. Also they have ability learn and understand the subject so they can excel in any field that is related to science, which means career as psychologist, in intellectual projects, doctor, and architects. Apart from this Librans can also have their career in other fields like interior decoration, hosting a show and even a lawyer and prime minister. Overall Libra people are very efficient people who know what to do but they need a perfect work environment.

Ideal Partner and Libra Compatibility Librans get along with most of the star signs. However, an ideal partner for Libra can be from the zodiacs Gemini, Aries and Aquarius.

Emotional attraction is the cause of Libra compatibility with Aries. Librans are very protective in nature and Aries is a fire sign so there exist a good compatibility between these two zodiacs.

Compatibility between Libra and Taurus is good as both are very gentle signs who love peace and harmony. But Libra sun sign people are very gregarious where as Taurus love loneliness that can create some problems. Libra and Gemini have excellent compatibility as both of these are very knowledgeable persons, gregarious and love harmony. There is no word called boredom in their lives.

Less compatibility is seen between Libra and Cancer as Cancer people are very moody and Libra on the other hand very cheerful. Libras are very practical and cannot understand the changing mood of Cancers.

Libra compatibility with Leo is excellent as Libras are great lovers and Leo cherish to be loved. They both have inner need of luxury, parties and social gathering.

Libra are less compatible with Virgo as they have different mind set and temperaments. Virgo likes to stay at home whereas Libra like to mingle with people. So if they overcome this thing then there are chances of having long lasting relationship. Libra compatibility with Libra is very well because both gel with each other. They have charismatic personalities, generous and have cheerful nature. They find everything good if there exist the balance.

Libra and Scorpio can be good partners but if they understand and overcome each others strong and weak points. Scorpions are very stubborn and Libra on the other hand kind hearted. But both the signs like to take risk and love challenges in life.

Libra can have excellent match with Sagittarius because Sagittarius are intelligent and very fun loving persons. They help Libra to get balance in life.

Libra and Capricorn as per astrology may not form a good pair because both have different personalities. Libra makes friend very easily whereas Capricorns are reserve and introvert kind of persons. Libra are born to enjoy life but Sagittarius on the other hand believes in simple living and high thinking. Good match exists between Libra and Aquarius as they love to socialize. But Aquarius must know how to control the anger so that docile Libra do not feel hurt. Very less compatibility is seen in Libra and Pisces match. Pisces are extra sensitive and Libra are easy going personalities.

Libra Birthstone Libra sun sign people who are born in Oct can have the following birthstones
  • Traditional Birth Stone - Aquamarine
  • Modern Birth Stone(s) - Opal or Tourmaline
Zodiac sign Libra born in late September can have the following birthstones
  • Traditional Birth Stone - Chrysolite
  • Modern Birth Stone(s) - Sapphire or Star Sapphire

Famous Libra Women Personalities Hema Malini, Anita Roddick, Annie Besant, Catherine Zeta Jones, Lata Mangeshkar, Shabana Azmi, Smitha Patil, Simi Garewal having astrology zodiac sign Libra

Famous Libra Men Personalities Emperor Akbar, Mahatma Gandhi, SD Burman, Amitabh Bachchan, Dev Anand, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Yash Chopra, Lal Bahadur Sastri, APJ Abdul Kalam, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Jaiprakash Narayan, R.K.Narayan, Ashok Kumar having astrology zodiac sign Libra.