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Scorpio Astrology

ScorpioOct 23rd – Nov 21st

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac and called 'Vrischika' in Hindi. Scorpio is a feminine negative fixed water sign. Tuesday is the lucky day for Scorpio astrology sign people.

Zodiac Symbol: The Scorpion
Ruling Planet: Mars and Pluto
Ruling House: Eight
Zodiac Element: Water
Zodiac Quality: Fixed
Lucky Color: Scarlet, Red, Rust, Red-Violet
Lucky Number: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90
Lucky Stone(s): Bloodstone
Lucky Talisman: Gold Initial

Scorpio AstrologyScorpio astrology says that loyalty, determination and stability are the part of Scorpio nature and considered as their strength where as jealous, stubbornness, anger and vindictiveness are the negative shades of Scorpio zodiac sign. This sign is symbolized by the Scorpion and have people who are very intense. Scorpio zodiac sign people are very good in picking up the unspoken words and usually seen with good gestures. Sound, mystifying and magnetically attractive, Scorpios long for emotional closeness.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Symbol

Scorpio zodiac sign people are the most intense and fiery of all other signs. Although they look very calm and quite like sea but their anger can burst anytime like a volcano. Due to this reason they have too many enemies and that too lifelong. On the other hand Scorpions are very loyal friend but an overzealous foe. They have the ability to judge people because of their strong intuitive power. . Scorpions also have strong willpower and are highly retentive, but are equally sensitive and therefore emotions and tears of others can easily move them.

Scorpions are very complex so not completely understood. You will rarely find Scorpio sun sign people talking about their affairs as they are very secretive and timid. But on the other hand there are scorpio astrology sign people who are ever ready to argue to prove that they are right and so very cruel when they talk. Scorpions mostly have an explosive temper. Such temper is often harmful for the health.

Scorpio astrology sign people are not part of activities that are related to daily chores. They understand themselves completely and knows their weak as well as strong point so they need to have a self-discipline themselves. They are very blunt to the people who they dislike. They are extra loud in finding faults in others, very demanding and never forgive even the smallest of fault. But yet Scorpio astrology sign people are gifted personalities with great energy. To achieve greater heights Scorpio must not be scornful, control their anger and develop the nature of forgiving others.

Health of Zodiac Sun Sign Scorpio Scorpio Astrology SignExternally the nose and nasal bones, the pubic area and genital organs are ruled by Scorpio zodiac signs, internally Scorpio rules the hemoglobin, prostate, gonads, bladder, sigmoid flexure, rectum and descending colon and structurally os sacrum, coccyx, pubic bones and nasal bones are ruled by Scorpio. The greatest danger to the health of the Scorpio comes from the generative organs and the ducts through which the excretions of the body pass, such as the urethra and the colon. Scorpio sun sign people are prone to fever, infections and headaches. Also Scorpio sun sign people are susceptible to the infections of sex organs, skin eruptions and infection in urinary tract.

Scorpio zodiac sign people must take food that has enough of calcium sulphate that helps in the regeneration of tissues. They must eat radishes, onions, tomatoes and black cherries. Milk, curd, cheese must also be part of their regular diet. Green salad, fish, lentils, apples, bananas, pineapples, almond must also be taken regularly by Scorpions.

Zodiac Sign Scorpio CareerScorpions can opt any employment because they can succeed in any. But the most attracting profession for them must deal in research, investigation, solving mysteries and practicalities. So most of the Scorpio choose police and detective work as their career. Apart from this law, psychology and physics also attract them.

Zodiac sign Scorpio is thus fit in any type of career. They can be pathologist, journalist, butcher, soldier, detective etc. Scorpions are very courageous and passionate people. They can retain huge amount of information so they can be excellent computer programmer.

Ideal Partner and Scorpio Compatibility Greatest compatibility: Cancer, Pisces Greatest incompatibility: Leo, Aquarius Best for marriage and/or partnerships: Cancer Most helpful in spiritual matters: Cancer, Libra

Scorpio compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs Scorpio compatibility with Aries is good as both these zodiac signs stand by justice. But Scorpio never forget anything whereas Aries never recollect the worst event in their life. Both signs have great understanding and share a good chemistry.

Scorpio compatibility with Taurus is average as Taurus are jealous by nature and Scorpio show possessiveness to all. So Taurus always suspect the Scorpio sun sign people if they become partner in life. This remains the main cause of their clashes.

Not much common is seen in Scorpio and Gemini. Gemini are highly intellectual personalities and cannot withstand anger and jealous which is the part of Scorpio nature. Moreover Scorpios are very secretive whereas Gemini are outward personalities and very gregarious. Both really need to compromise and mold their nature for a happy relationship.

Scorpio compatibility with Cancer is the maximum as both are very secretive zodiac signs. Scorpio protect the Cancer and Cancer in turn give too much affection to the Scorpions. So Cancerean people always feel secure in the company of Scorpions.

Nothing in common so Scorpio zodiac sign and Leo are the least compatible. They quarrel at lot because of their opposite nature and way of seeing the life. Leo are very dominated and Scorpio will always be jealous of this behavior.

Scorpio and Virgo share good equation although they have opposite nature. Both will respect each other and help each other to achieve greater heights. The majestic behavior of Scorpio will draw Virgo towards him or her.

Libra are very charming and easy going personalities whereas Scorpio are hard and stubborn. Scorpio need to have strong and committed relationship whereas Librans are free and do not believe in commitments. Both have different qualities yet there exist some compatibility between these two zodiac signs.

There exists good amount of understanding between two scorpions. They will be very loyal to each other and can do anything to keep each other happy. They will share ups and downs of life together without the need of third party. But they must keep a constant check on their anger and bold behavior.

Scorpio and Sagittarius have good compatibility. Scorpio are passionate and loyal whereas Sagittarius is a fire signs of very brave nature. Scorpios are always very strong in keeping the relationship which is not that important for Sagittarius.

Capricorn and Scorpio have very similar traits so there are bound to have clashes. The compatibility between them is not that strong as both are very stubborn and not ready to mend. For both of them financial security is very important so this can keep their relationship keep moving.

Scorpio compatibility with Aquarius is there but they must understand each other completely and give some space to express and communicate. Scorpions dominated behavior may irritate Aquarius. Aquarius loves freedom whereas Scorpio are over possessive so they must set their partner free for healthy relationship.

Scorpio compatibility with Pisces is excellent as both are water sign and very secretive. Pisces are too generous and Scorpios are very determined. Good and intense chemistry can be seen in these two zodiacs.

Birthstones for Scorpio Zodiac Sign Scorpio Zodiac Sun Sign people born in November can wear the following stones
  • Traditional Birth Stone - Topaz
  • Modern Birth Stones - Topaz or Citrine

Scorpio zodiac sign people born in late October can wear the followingstones
  • Traditional Birth Stone - Aquamarine
  • Modern Birth Stones - Opal or Tourmaline

Famous Scorpio Women Personalities Madame Curie, Indira Gandhi, Aishwarya Rai, Hillary Clinton

Famous Scorpio Men Personalities Prince Charles, George Elliot, Martin Luther, Jawaharlal Nehru, Pablo Picasso, Theodore Roosevelt, Shahrukh Khan, Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio