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Jupiter Sign Astrology

Jupiter is also well known as ‘Brahaspati’ or ‘Guru’. Jupiter is believed to rule both Moon and Sun and controls the movement of the planets. Jupiter signifies luck and fortune. The planet is responsible for success, fortune, luck and fame. Jupiter is an important planets for females (their married life and its success). People with high ambitions, priests, religious teachers, ministers, politicians are all influenced by Jupiter.

People under the influence of Jupiter are jovial, lively and good tempered. However, the negative aspect of it is that person may be greedy and may act insecure at times Jupiter is the ruler of the fire sign Sagittarius.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, it is associated with expansion, growth and opportunity. It represents the higher mind, wisdom, enthusiasm, optimism, benevolence and generosity. Jupiter's action is to expand, preserve and increase on all levels.

The position of Jupiter in ones' chart serves as an indicator of one's faith, confidence and buoyancy. It shows the areas where one will find opportunity, growth and fulfillment. A well placed Jupiter is associated with the spiritual, philosophical and intellectual realms. An overstress on the function of Jupiter may lead to exaggeration, delusions of grandeur, and a depletion of energies through over-extension. A lack of Jupiter's influence could lead to pessimism, feelings of inadequacy, depression and lethargy.

An ill disposed Jupiter leads to digestive disorders, gallstones, diabetes, low blood sugar, indigestion, gas, jaundice, hemorrhoids, obesity, malnutrition, hepatitis, obesity, weak digestion, blood sugar, and weight gain.