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Mercury Sign Astrology

Mercury is the son of Moon and Rohini and therefore called Saumya (son of Soma). It is a neutral planet and therefore, changes according to its placement in sign and house. Being nearest to Sun, mercury is restless and this makes is quick changing and fickle. It has adverse effects when conjuncts with Mars and make the person nervous and insecure. It rules education, writers, businessman, intestines, lungs and nervous system.

This is a planet of logic and therefore, possessing a powerful Mercury indicates good reasoning ability and grasping power. Though both Jupiter and Mercury represent the human intelligence, Mercury indicates somewhat immature side of intelligence, compared to mature one of Jupiter. It is a dual natured planet and owns the dual natured signs, Virgo and Gemini. It rules all means of communication and intermediation.

Mercury indicates various professions like mathematicians, astrologers and computer engineers(all are the areas demanding logics). Since it is a planet of scientific inquiry, all kinds of scientific researches are also governed by Mercury. Besides, it also indicates professions like brokership, dealerships etc. It rules means of communication, therefore telephone and telegraphs, e-mails, couries and post etc. are governed by Mercury.

Mercury rules over the arms, ear hearing system, and the nervous system.