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What is Retrograde Saturn and
Its Impact?

What is a Retrograde Planet? When any planet is away from Earth and on the other side of the Sun then that planet is called a retrograde planet. This means that planet is moving in the backward direction.

Any planet can be in a retrograde position but here we will discuss the Saturn in retrograde position.

What is Retrograde Saturn? Saturn or Shani Maharaj Saturn or Shani is the son of Surya or Sun. From 13th January 2010 the saturn will be in retrograde position in Virgo. For eight months Saturn moves forward and then for four months it comes in retrograde position. Saturn can be a very beneficial or a malefic planet. If saturn is your beneficial planet and coming to retrograde position then it will bring you the favourable period. All your delayed tasks will be completed. But if your birthchart has retrograde saturn then your work will be delayed.

If we take it is a right way then we can prepare ourselves for the better time coming ahead of this. Use all your energy in a constructive way and gaining knowledge. Also learn what you have done wrong in life so that you can rectify it. You can now see people and life more deeply as you are going through tough times. Saturn tells us the lessons in his own ways although it is not easy to pass through tough time but who can withstand it can come out as a winner.

What is the Effect or Impact of Retrograde Saturn? Because of the retrograde saturn the person will acquire altogether different responsibilities and determination in life. He or she would be asked to take more responsibilities by their elders. As per Western Astrologers retrograde saturn will cause delay in work if it is in your birth chart or retrograde position is their while transition of planets in your Rashi.

Especially for the Capricorn and Aquarius people, when their saturn is in retrograde position, they must avoid new work as many problems will occur in completing that leading to the delay in completion or result.

But on the other hand it can also do some good like less stress and struggle. You can plan your future in a better way as you will have lots of ideas.

You eating habits will be affected if retrograde saturn is there in your 6th house.

Retrograde saturn will affect your sex life if it is there in 5th house.

If 4th house if occupied with retrograde saturn then you will become too careless of your belongings.

You will suffer from major illness if the retrograde saturn is in 3rd house.

Be ready for hardship and disappointment if retrograde saturn is in 2nd house.

The effect of retrograde saturn will be seen in your nature. You will become very arrogant.

Your idle nature is the result of retrograde saturn in 12th house.

You have the chances of falling in bad company because of retrograde position of saturn in 11th house.

You will flaunt wealth owing to retrograde saturn in 10th house.

You will become too careless regarding your finances because of the retrograde saturn in 9th house.

Retrograde position of saturn in 8th house will result in the differences with seniors. You will have more conflicts with them.

Long duration separation from your wife will be seen because of the retrograde saturn in 7th house.